Amber Simone



This way of meeting is very unique and can be awkward when it comes to the "business side" of things.  To avoid feeling awkward, I want to let you know what makes it easier/more comfortable for me.

NEW FRIENDS:  When requesting time with me, please allow at least 24 hours for screening and verification.  Same day appointments are rarely accepted due to limited availability as well as my screening process.  I do screen ALL new friends!

OUR TIME TOGETHER:  Please respect me and our time together! Whatever time we schedule together, please be prepared to only spend the agreed upon time with me. I never "clock watch" or rush our time, so please do not take advantage!

DONATIONS:  Please leave my donation in an envelope in the restroom.  I only accept cash!  Shortly after meeting, I will excuse myself to the restroom to freshen up and check the donation.  We can then relax and enjoy ourselves.  If it is not there, unfortunately I will have to leave. I NEVER discuss money or sex on a date!  If we are meeting publicly, please present the donation discreetly in a gift bag or inside a card.

HYGIENE:  Please be clean, freshly showered, have fresh breath and an overall sense of good hygiene. I make sure that I am fresh and clean before my time with you and I appreciate the same courtesy.

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR:  Suggestions of anything illigal or rude, or the use of vulgar language is unacceptable.  I am a lady and expect to be treated as one!  Please refrain from using this type of behavior when corresponding with me.