Amber Simone



Due to safety & security reasons, all first-time clients are required to be screened.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation & understanding. Your information is always kept confidential & your privacy is always respected! I do require a minimal amount of personal information to set up a date for my own safety and security. 

EMAIL/PHONE NUMBER: I do not offer my phone number to anyone until I feel comfortable doing so.  Once you have it, feel free to call me anytime between the hours of 10am - 9pm.  I prefer initial requests for my time be made by email.  My email address is  I do reply to every email. Once we have had our first meeting, feel free to contact me directly through my email or phone # (which I would have given you by then) to schedule another date.

BOOKING TIME WITH ME:  I am not a risk-taker and prefer to feel comfortable with a new friend prior to meeting them.  For this reason, I do a minimal screening of new friends.  I offer two options for screening. Your real name, city in which you reside, age, race, height, weight, email and a phone number are needed with either option! If you are unwilling to provide the information requested to ensure you are a discreet and safe gentleman, please do not contact me. 


OPTION 1 - PROVIDER REFERENCE: Provide 2 references from other companions whom you have seen within the last year (name, email or website).

***If you are White Listed on TER, please send me your username.

OPTION 2 - EMPLOYER VERIFICATION: If you are new to this hobby and have no references, please provide your complete employer information. 

Please be assured that all information provided will be safely guarded & never compromised! Thank you for understanding that discretion & safety are just as important to me as they are to you!!